How to lose weight – the power of diet and exercise combined

So in follow up from yesterdays post (Weight loss with just exercise – unexpected results!), here is the evidence of combining both diet with exercise.

A study of  overweight and obese women in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, 95 women underwent either 400kcal deficit from diet alone, or the same 400kcal deficit with either moderate or high intensity exercise (3 days per week).

In 20wks the average weight loss was 12.1kg – across all groups – despite if they added exercise or not.

In the breakdown of their results, the group whom also exercised retained more muscle mass, and lost slightly greater fat – but also the vigorous group gained significantly more fitness than the other groups.

It is also worth noting that the moderate exercise group exercised for 20mins each session, progressing to 55mins throughout the study, whilst the vigorous group built up from 10 to 30mins of exercise.

In other words – The vigorous group exercised for half the time for the same result!

Unfortunately for some reason, the study did not get the participants to exercise most days for week – like the standard health and weight management guidelines suggest – therefore it would be interesting to see if there were greater results in the exercise group if they exercised more often.


The big take home message – you CAN LOSE WEIGHT if you combine BOTH diet and exercise – and 12kg in 20weeks is a huge change to your health and your body shape!


Have fun in your health journey, and remember to stay true to yourself.
Authentic Health and Fitness.


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