Exercise for beginners

If you are new to exercise, or its has been a while since you were last active – I have a plan for you.

Simply move more

Make an active choice to add in more activity in your day – take the stairs, walk to the local shops, take the kids to the local playground – do anything to simply move more.

Not only will moving more help give you a base level of fitness and function – it will plant the seed of making physical activity a normal part of your day.

Now that your being active in your day – we then move to:

structured exercise.

The type of exercise is your choice.

It could be cycling, swimming, dancing, using home exercise video, or simply walking.

Find something you enjoy.

The structure of how we plan our activity is simple.

Look at your current activity and slowly progress it towards your exercise goal (30mins or more per day works best as it is all we need for good health and reduced risk of disease).

For example – walking.

If you are not completing any structured activity at the moment, think about other forms of walking that you are doing.

Ie can you walk for 10mins whilst shopping?

– If yes start there or aim for slightly longer walks.

– If no – try breaking your walking plan down into intervals – such as: Walking for 1min then have 30sec rest (and keep repeating for 10mins).

If your already walking 20mins 2 days a week – you may simply increase the time to 30min, or add another day or two in your week.

Small simple steps such as this is the way to improve your health and fitness – and staying motivated to achieve the life you want!

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