Surviving Christmas – The Healthy Way

Christmas can be a challenging time for those whom are food conscious, on a health kick, or trying to lose those extra kilos.

I must admit, its one of the most daunting times for someone whom is trying to eat healthy – especially with a full social calendar:

  1. Work Christmas party
  2. Multiple catch ups with friends
  3. Family dinners
  4. Christmas – which is usually a full breakfast, lunch and dinner – which doesn’t seem to have any time separating the food that is on offer
  5. Boxing day events
  6. New Years Eve party’s

Not only is the food and drink usually vastly different in type and volume from the day to day – it also feels never ending!

All of these events may also drastically limit your normal exercise routine – it can be a recipe for disaster!

Here is the top 10 ways to survive the Christmas period.

  1. Limit your alcohol consumption – alcohol is a high octane preferential fuel for the body – when it is free flowing, all those fats and carbs are not being used – and unfortunately stored as fat! So reduce the volume, or reduce the events where you have alcohol – save it for the office Christmas party, Christmas day and New Years!
  2. Make a better choice – Aim for every second event to be a normal volume and food choices – don’t overload your plate!
  3. Stay away from temptation – move all of the table snacks out of arms reach, or simply sit/stand somewhere else – how many times have we all said “I keep eating it just because its there”
  4. Have a healthy Christmas lunch – aim to reduce high Glycemic Index (simple) carbs – you can have a roast without potato!
  5. Back off on the deserts – we don’t generally have 4 different types of deserts on regular days or events, so why do it at Christmas. Put only one person in charge of brining dessert – it will save you having to try all 4 varieties of Christmas puddings and cakes!
  6. Cut down on the fats – to easy fill up on the good stuff and reduce your fat intake – simply fill your plate with vegetables or salad, and only leave a little bit of room for meat (most of us generally put meat on our plates first – often over filling beyond a normal portion).
  7. Start an active family tradition – most of us are on holidays – so instead of using that time to sit around and feast, how about spend some time with your family going for walks, building snowmen, and having fun in the outdoors.
  8. Get your body working – small amounts of activity have a large impact on our health – such as 10 mins of walking after each main meal can reduce your blood sugar levels by approx 15% – so instead of eating and drinking your whole way through Christmas day – take a moment between each meal to play with the kids, have a family game of football, or a quick walk around the block – every bit counts!
  9. Get support – if you are trying to improve your health or lose weight, and find it difficult to abstain from the delightful temptations – talk to your family and friends – I’m sure many of them are in the same position – if you all are on the same page, there would be less likelihood for the host to go crazy with the catering (thinking that’s what everyone wants!)
  10. Enjoy yourself – at the end of the day – be okay with allowing a bit of indulgence – the 7 days from Christmas to the New Year is only 1.9% of the total days in a calendar year – they are not going to cause any harm by enjoying yourself a bit more than normal!

I hope these 10 tips will help you have a healthy holiday period – and if not – just enjoy yourself – the silly season will be over before you know it!

Have fun in your health journey, and remember to stay true to yourself.
Authentic Health and Fitness.

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