The Secret to Ageing Happily – Physical Activity and Exercise for Older Adults

I have literally met thousands of people in my job – from all sorts of backgrounds, at different aspects of health (or lack of health), and at different ages across our lifespan.

I have fortunately met a small group of individuals across my career – whom:

  • live independently in their own homes
  • who cook their own meals
  • who still drive, and tend to house hold chores where able
  • and they are in their 90s (one gentleman was 96 years young – and continued to be independent – even with heart failure!).

There was a common theme with these individuals that we can all learn a lesson from.

They remained physically active!

Yes some continued to exercise in the gym or attend a regular exercise class.

Others simply just continued to complete the daily gardening or dog walk.

Some of these extraordinary older adults just continued working in their jobs beyond retirement age (which kept them busy and on their feet).

And you all can have this same independent lifestyle – with just 30 minutes per day of exercise (going for a walk or an exercise class) or harder physical tasks (digging in the garden).

With just 30 minutes per day of exercise

Yes some may just have great genetics that kept them independent for all of these years – but when every single one of these patients report regular physical activity or exercise – it is something to take note of!
Have fun in your health journey, and remember to stay true to yourself.
Authentic Health and Fitness.

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