The secret to a successful diet

There are many strategies to dieting, and the internet and health media are often highlighting the latest dieting fad – often with unbelievable success stories

My favourite infomercial quote:

 “I lost 10 pounds in only 1 week!”

……Yeah right!!

I have spoken to many dietitians whom I have worked with – and they all state 1 thing about dieting……

they never give anyone a diet!


It’s all about simply eating correctly (and healthy) – not dieting.

The reason behind this philosophy is that by teaching someone how to eat well will lead to the greatest life long success.

How many have attempted to diet – and can honestly say that they actually got long lasting results…. probably not that many.

The reason that dieting doesn’t work is that its too hard to stick to something that is

  1. difficult
  2. something that you feel that you HAVE to do

If you simply just eat well as a normal lifestyle, you’re never dieting, and your body and health will be better for it!


My dieting  healthy eating tips
  1. Shop after a meal – going shopping hungry leads to disaster (bring on the quick junk!)
  2. When at the supermarket don’t go down an aisle – all the non processed and healthy items are in the fresh fruit/veg, meat and dairy sections – so limit which aisles that you go down
  3. Fill your plate with vegetables and good carbs – and only a small normal meat portion (100g  or 3.5 ounce of raw meat). Butchers and shops want us to consume/buy more as it increases their revenue – its very hard to find a 100g steak – so cut a larger piece in half!
  4. Think about empty fluid calories – aka soft drink, soda, juice etc – stick to water as your main source of fluid
  5. Still allow yourself to have indulgences for 5-10% of your meals – and don’t feel bad about it!


If you stick to this advice, and make better choices – these choices will become a habit that will last you a lifetime.


Have fun in your health journey, and remember to stay true to yourself.
Authentic Health and Fitness.

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