Exercise after heart attack

Having a heart attack is kind of a big deal.

Your heart is the life pump of your body and we cannot survive without it!

Common sense would think that exercising after a heart attack would be dangerous, as you shouldn’t push your heart.

This is a natural way to think once you have had a heart attack – think of it as a protective fear response.

The problem is that it is a myth.

Exercise causes some amazing changes to your heart and body – that cannot be achieved by any other means.

  • Improves cardiac remodeling (improves heart function)
  • Creates new blood vessles and capillaries (angiogenesis)
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces blood pressure
  • Improves cholesterol
  • Reduces blood glucose
  • Lowers heart rates
  • Increases fitness and function
  • Reduces risk of further heart events
  • Reduces the risk of dying

Research has shown that exercise is extremely safe – with the risk of having an incident being 1:100000hrs if exercising at a moderate intensity (walking across a road is probably more dangerous!)

How to exercise after a heart attack

Its as simple as walking for 30mins per day at a pace that increases your breath – but is comfortable.

Its as easy as that!

Remember to discuss any plans with your doctor, cardiologist, or cardiac nurse, and if needed, be referred to an exercise expert, such as an Exercise Physiologist


Have fun in your health journey, and remember to stay true to yourself.
Authentic Health and Fitness.

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