Too tired to exercise.

I’m a parent of 2 kids.

To me, being a parent is the most rewarding experience in life. It brings so much love and fullness to my life, that its actually difficult to explain it in words.

And its damn hard work.

Not sleeping properly for at least 7mths – with our latest addition to the family, working 8hr days, 5 days per week, having other interests and aspirations, helping manage a household – AND spending most days per week fitting in exercise.

Its really hard work.

Today after getting up at 5am (not by my own accord – thanks my little sleeping angels), lifting weights for an hour, getting organised for the day, travel, work, family time, and kids bed time routines – my eyes hurt, I feel flat, and have a lack of motivation.

After a long day the easiest road would be to crash on the couch and call it a night.

After feeling guilty that my dog doesn’t get walked as much as he used to – I put on my shoes and went for a walk – nothing intense – just some light activity for my lab to sniff the roses (or is that ‘pee on trees’ in dog language??).

On my way back home – about 20mins into the walk – I realised something that came as a surprise (surprising even with my knowledge and belief in exercise).

Everyday I am reminded on how great you feel after exercise

I did not feel as tired any more.

The immediate or acute effects of exercise can be felt instantly!

The increase in blood circulation from the widening of arteries, release of stored energy and the increased ability to draw energy into cells, the increases in dopamine, adrenaline, serotonin release, and other feel good endorphins (hormones) all contribute to feeling good and improved energy.

So next time you feel too tired or have had a long day – maybe the best thing to do is to go for a nice walk – It even gave me the extra boost to post this blog!


Have fun in your health journey, and remember to stay true to yourself.
Authentic Health and Fitness.

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