Believe to Achieve

What is the difference between runners and non runners or people that exercise or don’t exercise?

All humans share the same biology – we all have a heart, brain, muscles nerves, organs, and ten fingers and ten toes – so why are we not all the same and have the same drive or will for exercise and being active?

I’ve been listening to Tony Robbins and Lewis Howes – two great thinkers and influencers – and in many of their talks and interviews there is a common theme:

It all comes down to how we think – what we believe – and how we view ourselves.

When people label themselves as “I’m not a runner”, “I hate exercise”, or “I’m just big boned” – how have they come to this idea? – have they completed a test that determines they physically cannot run or a scan that shows their bones are larger than normal?

The problems with labelling ourselves is that it pre determines our behaviour.

When we use labels regularly, the throw away comments develop to become our belief system.

If we reside in the label and poor belief it will hold us back from putting in the effort to succeed.

How we label ourselves has been said to occur from how our brain works – and the fact that the brain always reverts to what is familiar and what is known (as its easier than creating new ideas and it is also a protective mechanism as what is known is safe).

So how do we develop a positive belief system?

  • Self talk – fight against your negative thoughts and replace them with positivity – simply state “I’m a runner” (there is no guide that says being a runner means you have to be able to run 40kms!)
  • Start exercising – set small goals and routines that you can stick to (over time you will start achieving your goals and have a positive experience – which help develop a good label)

I challenge anyone with a restrictive label or belief to think differently – there is no downside – it WILL make you a fitter, healthier, and a happier person!


Have fun in your health journey, and remember to stay true to yourself.
Authentic Health and Fitness.

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