Health & Exercise: 3 steps = 110% results

Health changes can be tricky – and even more difficult as it involves you actually doing something (not just sitting back and it happening for you – ie taking a tablet).

Here are the best 3 steps to ensure your health changes (weight loss, healthier eating, more exercise, increasing strength) are guaranteed.

3 Steps = 110% results

Step 1 – make a stand and choose who you want to be. Choose to be a better you.

If you are the type of person who doesn’t smoke cigarettes, or take party drugs, ride a motorcycle without a helmet, walk home at night in a bad neighbourhood, or any other risky behaviour – how did you come to this decision?

You could smoke (or other bad choice) if you wanted, but somewhere somehow you have made a decision not to participate in these activities for your own well being.

Make a better choice to not participate in the poor health habit that you are battling with.

Step 2 – Accountability

Declare with someone what you are doing. This could be public – making a social media status to everyone you know – or a promise to a loved one – such as your child or partner – that you are a “daily walker”, “a runner”, “cut sugar”, or “don’t drink alcohol”.

Set the scene and declare as no one likes to be seen as a failure or going back on their promise. You could take this one step further, and get the other person to join you on this journey for additional support.

Step 3 – set a daily challenge

Make it achievable and flexible.

This could be to use your treadmill every day for a month, limiting alcohol to a maximum of one glass a day, getting up 30mins earlier.
What you choose may not actually matter – it’s the outcome of the challenge that counts (as long as it’s a health change towards your goals).

Any challenge no matter how small helps to build 2 things:

  • Habits – doing something daily helps to establish the habit or behaviour you are trying to achieve. How many people struggle with motivation to put on clothes in the morning, or brush your teeth? Not many – as it is something we have developed and turned into a daily habit. The best success comes from making our healthy lifestyle a daily habit.
  • Resilience – sticking to something develops your mental strength and resilience skills. The higher our resilience levels the easier we see challenges, as our experiences help guide our reactions. For example: If you set the task to walk every day for a month, and are successful, next time you add in a goal of lifting weights 3 days per week – it will feel easy to accomplish, and you will be confident you have the will power to stick it out. On a more extreme example – if you can run a marathon, every 5km run to be healthy – will be a walk in the park!

Go on – make these 3 steps – I can guarantee there is no other option but to succeed!

Have fun in your health journey, and remember to stay true to yourself.
Authentic Health and Fitness.

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