Too tired to exercise.

I’m a parent of 2 kids. To me, being a parent is the most rewarding experience in life. It brings so much love and fullness to my life, that its actually difficult to explain it in words. And its damn hard work. Not sleeping properly for at least 7mths – with our latest addition to […]

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Exercise for beginners

If you are new to exercise, or its has been a while since you were last active – I have a plan for you. Simply move more Make an active choice to add in more activity in your day – take the stairs, walk to the local shops, take the kids to the local playground […]

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Plan for Success part 2

Ok, so in the previous post we worked out what you want to achieve, and dug deep into the meaningful reasons why you would like to achieve your goals. In part two of our Plan for Success series, we’re going to look at goal setting and making achievable exercise goals that you can use to […]

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Plan for success – part 1.

In this series were going to talk about the different things that we need to put in place, in order to succeed with your health and fitness. Step 1. Goal Setting   Having a plan and setting goals is key! What you need to do is to work out why you’re actually wanting to be […]

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Barriers to exercise

Over the years I have worked with thousands of people. In this time I’ve heard many of the things that stop people from achieving their goals. The main barriers and themes that come up the most are: No time, health issues, injuries, finances, poor weather, and motivation. These barriers are real, and for some, may […]

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Stuck with motivation to be active? Not sure what exercise to do?

I have a solution for you. It’s not hard. It requires no skill or sporting ability. Almost anyone can do it. It’s benefits include: Reduced blood pressure Improved cholesterol Increased energy Increased heart health Reduced blood sugars Lower risk of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, and some cancers Improves mood Can help you live longer! Assists […]

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