Exercise after heart attack

Having a heart attack is kind of a big deal. Your heart is the life pump of your body and we cannot survive without it! Common sense would think that exercising after a heart attack would be dangerous, as you shouldn’t push your heart. This is a natural way to think once you have had […]

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The secret to a successful diet

There are many strategies to dieting, and the internet and health media are often highlighting the latest dieting fad – often with unbelievable success stories My favourite infomercial quote:  “I lost 10 pounds in only 1 week!” ……Yeah right!! I have spoken to many dietitians whom I have worked with – and they all state […]

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Plan for success – part 1.

In this series were going to talk about the different things that we need to put in place, in order to succeed with your health and fitness. Step 1. Goal Setting   Having a plan and setting goals is key! What you need to do is to work out why you’re actually wanting to be […]

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